Are you Shopping for a Big Bust Bra?
(or clothes designed for our curves?)

Here are some suggestions to get you started

So you need to find a big bust bra?

Good luck looking at the local department store. They never carry anything larger than a DDD and it's impossible to buy hard-to-find sizes like a 34E or 36G.

In the past, we crammed ourselves into C and D cups. Now we have the blessed internet, big bust bra shopping has never been easier.

You'll find below some wonderful online stores that sell big bust bras AND two store that specializes in clothes for us. I also write a little bit about each store and why I like them.

But don't take my word for it. Check them out. First the bra stores, then the clothing stores beneath them.

Big Bust Bra Stores

Bigger Bras (


Take note of this site! You'll love the selections of bras AND SWIMMING SUITS! It's super easy to shop by your bra size which is so refreshing. I don't want to have to search through hundreds of average sized bras to find the size I need. They carry all sizes from AA to K! From what I can tell the prices are very reasonable and they usually have some great clearance sales going on. I usually compare the prices from Bigger Bras and HerRoom and buy from the cheapest. The selections and inventory are very similiar and it's nice to have a choice.

FYI: I love reading customer reviews and you'll find more extensive reviews on So do some research and check back and forth between the two sites.

HerRoom (

HerRoom 468x60 Site Features

I stumbled upon this jewel of a website a couple months ago. Ladies, it's an awesome site. Here's the run down on why it's a great place for well-endowed women to shop for a big bust bra.

  • There are customer reviews for each bra
    • You're thinking, 'Whup-di-do, all sites have those." What makes these reviews so special? Answer: Each reviewer includes her bra size! Brilliant!
    • This feature alone helps to take the guess work out of buying a bra online.
  • See how a bra will look underneath different styles of shirts.
  • watch videos of models wearing the bra.
  • Great Customer Service, they'll answer any questions and help you find your size over the phone.
  • Free Shipping on orders over $70.00. (unfortunately for us, a good bra usually cost this much)
  • A great return policy
  • And finally each order comes wrapped in purple tissue paper, which happens to be my favorite color.

Shop's Collection of GG+ Bras!

545845_Shop Figleaves 120 X 60

This site brags about the wide selection that they offer, and rightly so. They have an enormous variety of bras, swimwear, lingerie, sleepwear. Over 200 Brands.

Their motto is "from A to J" and that's the truth.

They are the world's largest online multi-brand intimate apparel retailer.

Bigger is Better right? Absolutely.

I like their 'shop by size' feature. Herroom also has this feature, but I found the one on figleaves to be more user friendly.

If you're looking for a great supportive swimming suit or bikini for a big bust, then Figleaves has an awesome selection. They have a category specifically for DD+ suits. Most suits come with an underwire bra, which is a MUST for us. For ideas about what swimming suits will flatter us, read my swimsuit page here.

Because Figleaves carries so much inventory, prices tend to run couple dollars cheaper here. Shipping starts at $4.50

Clothing Stores for Us!

I write about Carissa Rose Designs on my webpage all about shirts! But just to sum up some of the key points... This is a wonderful company that was started by a very talented woman Carrisa, who also happens to be big busted. All of the clothes here are designed to flatter our figure. I have one of these shirts and I love it! You can see a picture of me wearing it and read more about Carissa Rose Designs on my shirt page by clicking HERE.

There is another store called based out of the UK. They sell clothes, bras, and swimwear. I love them!

Before you shop for a perfect big bust bra learn how to find your perfect size