Big Bust Bikinis RULE
String Bikinis drool
(well they droop..... but that didn't rhyme)

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Big bust bikinis are in a special category of their own. I've done a page big bust swimming suits (one pieces) and another page that covers mostly big bust underwire tankinis

However, sometimes when you're walking the beach or lounging at the pool you just want a nice bikini. And trust me ladies, we have the assets to make bikinis look pretty darn good.

IF you wear the right bikini.

It's just my opinion, but skimpy, limp, string bikinis on a large breasted woman looks like a hot mess (not in a good way). It's unflattering, and grimace inducing. 

We need a bikini that uplifts, supports and displays our large breasts to the best of their ability.

Luckily for us big bust bikinis have come A LONG way in the last 10 years. A LONG LONG LONG way.

There are so many to choose from. Mostly you'll find them online, but I guess if you're lucky you'll find them at local store, but I wouldn't count on it.

Here are some tips for choosing a great big bust bikini!

  • Bikini material shouldn't be super stretchy. It won't provide you with the support you need. Also remember that it will stretch even more when it gets wet.
  • Look for a structured bikini cup that is defined. In all honesty your big bust bikini should be structured like a bra. It will give you the best support this way.
  • Look for quality construction. Seams should be well enforced.
  • Shoulder Straps should be adjustable (like a bra) This will help custom fit it to your unique body shape.
  • Thin material will show nipples (and we all get cold with water and a slight breeze ;) Maybe find something that is lightly padded.
  • Underwire, Underwire, Underwire!! ('nough said about that. )

You might have luck with these!

I've searched through literally a hundred bikinis and these are the ones that I think would be best for our hourglass figure. That doesn't mean that these will 100% fit all the ladies out there, but these are the ones that I would recommend to start looking at.There are a lot more big bust bikinis out there than you might realize.

They come from and I'm affiliated with them so I earn a small commission if you find something you just have to have. ;)

One More Important thing...

When ordering a big bust bikini top you might have to go up a bra size in the cup. For example from a 32 F to a 32 G

Why? Because bikinis are cut different from a bra and tend to be smaller in the cup and also are slightly different in the under arm area. Take care to read the descriptions and also the reviews for helpful hints and tips.

The Freya Sundance Underwire Crop Top


Cute, fun fabric with an underwire bra construction! This top got great reviews from other big busted gals too.

I haven't had a chance to try this particular top yet, but it looks to be very similar to bra portion of this Freya Halter top Suit that I reviewed a couple weeks ago. You can see from my pictures in that review how the bra portion fits. It was snug on me so I'm guessing you'll need to go up a cup size.

I love the halter top look on us. It's super flattering. If you're large chested and looking for a bikini top, I would strongly consider this one.

Click Here to see more about this bikini top on

The Elomi Isis Swim Bra

Elomi Isis swim bra
Elomi Isis swim bra
Elomi Isis swim bra
Elomi Isis swim bra


I like to call this one "Super-Awesome-Big-Bust-Bikini-with-a-Somewhat-Unfortunate-Name" ;). You know, because of the whole Isis thing.

Anyways, this swim bra comes in sizes 32E to 46GG and is getting rave reviews for it's support. One or two complained that they wish it had more coverage (ie it was too low), but quite honestly when you're dealing with bikinis and big breasts you're going to be showing a little boobage. It's just going to happen. 

Apparently it comes in 2 colors, black and purple, but I could only see black online. What do you guys think of the super highwaisted swim bottoms? The ones that come up to the bustline.

I'm on the fence. I like that it comes up high and 'holds' in all my soft belly, but at the same time it looks kind of funny. Maybe? I don't know? Hmmmm? I mean if you want coverage, just go with a one-piece, but there's something I like about it. I haven't seen a 2 piece like this in real life. Maybe that would sway me one way or the other. How does it stay up? Does it have the tendency to roll down like nylons?

Anyways, if you want to check out the bikini top click here!

Panache Anya Stripe Bandeau

Panache Anya Stripe Bandeau
Panache Anya Stripe Bandeau


I LOVE LOVE this bikini. The flow of the pattern, the construction of the suit. I think it's just amazing and I think the bottoms (sold separately of course :() just complete the look.

Everyone says that it runs small so order the next size up!! (Both cup and band!)

The straps are removable and changeable so you can wear it as a true Bandeau, or you can cross the straps in the back. 

Read more about it at

Prima Donna Sherry Full Cup Bikini

Prima Donna Bikini
Prima Donna Bikini


Yes, I know. This is a little pricey, but I personally own a Prima Donna bra (read my review) and it is such a great bra. I'm confident that this bikini is going to be high quality and well made.

Another thing I like about this big bust bikini is that it actually looks like a bikini and not just a black bra. The gold detail, the details on the cups. It just works.

See it at

Freya Pier Underwire Halter Top

$68.00 (which is kind of funny, because this top was featured in Lucky online Magazine under "50 Swimsuits Under $50". oops!)

So, here's another halter top style bikini. In my opinion and it seems like a lot of the other reviews agree, you'll need to go up at least one cup size. So if you normally wear a 34F try ordering a 34G. 

The reviews are very positive for this top, with a lot saying that it's supportive and really cute. 

You can read those reviews and learn more about this top here

Elomi Kissimmee Underwire Bikini Top

Elomi Kissimmee Bikini
Elomi Kissimmee Bikini


Isn't this one so flattering? Love it! The cups have an overlay of lace that matches the bottoms (sold separately). 

I write a lot about this beautiful big bust bikini, but I can't say anything more than this happy customer...

"I'm still in shock about this bikini top. It lifts, supports, separates, fully covers AND looks beautiful. This bikini top is worth the price. I'm so excited for all the outdoor activities I will participate in this summer without worrying that my boobs are going to fall out. Thank you Elomi for making a bikini top for the large busted gal" ~C from SLC Size 36H

If you want to order this bikini visit by clicking here!

Well there you have it! 6 awesome big bust bikini suggestions to help you get started. I hope that you're able to find something that you absolutely LOVE!

Just remember to use my big bust bkini tips while you're shopping!

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