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Jan 26, 2015

Sprinting....Not for the faint of heart

I hate running. I've hated it since about 5th grade, which interestingly enough correlates to when I started wearing a bra....

I hate the obvious bouncing, the burning in my lungs, and the overall dreadful masochistic feeling that comes after I run for more than 10 minutes.

With that being said, I realize there are bonafied health benefits that come from running. It's good for your heart, it's good for your waistline, and apparently some people find it mentally, emotionally, and spiritually cleansing. (Those people are weird ;)

One of the hottest trends in running right now is sprinting or High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Long story short, you run as fast as you can for a very short distance, catch your breath and then do it again and again and again.

It burns fat like crazy and cuts your actual running time down from 30-60 minutes to like 5 minutes. Whoot whoot!

Now, 30 seconds of hellish running I can handle, there's only one drawback... Boob bounce.

It's one thing to go on a nice, leisurely jog. After a few minutes of jogging 'the girls' settle into a manageable swinging motion. It's almost hypnotic. But... you suddenly start running like a bat out of hell, and your boobs are going to bounce like Richard Simmons on his 5 cup of coffee.

And this brings me back to the picture I posted at top of this entry.

Is this true? Do our boobs dictate how fast we can run? Do our boobs actually move more when we sprint compared to when we jog? Do smaller breasts move differently compared to larger breasts?

I've got lots of questions! Now to find some answers! I'm off to research more about what happens to our breasts when we exercise! I'll be reporting back throughout the week!

Jan 22, 2015

Couple more Nightgowns I found

Hey Ladies,I recently reviewed the 'BraJama' - a nightgown with a built-in bra.(You can read that review here if you missed it)

Since then I've had a couple people email me about the nightgowns found on I haven't ordered one yet, but they look promising. Kind of the same idea as the brajama.

Here's a picture of the inside...

Here's a picture of one...

And I like the red one too...

One of the things that I really really like about these nightgowns is that you order them according to your bra size. (Unlike the brajama, and the other nightgowns I've talked about). So you can customize the sizing better than just S,M,L. These nightgowns come in cup sizes from 28D to 38J.
Anyways, I just wanted to let you know that there are some other nightgown options out there.

I've updated my nightgown page to include these new finds, along with information on where to buy them. Click Here to open my nightgown page scroll down a bit to find the newly listed nightgowns.

Jan 14, 2015


I read this quote and I really liked it, but then I started thinking about how I get really carsick on curvy roads especially when I'm trying to read. My husband on the other hand LOVES driving on curvy roads especially on his motorcycle.

So moral of the story. I like my roads and my men straight. My husband likes his road and his woman curvy. We're a good match.

Jan 12, 2015

Bra History Infographic!

I wrote a few pages on the history of the bra a couple years ago. I spent hours researching and reading all about the bra and it was FASCINATING to me! But maybe it's just because I love history.

Today I was bummin' pinterest (because pinterest seems to be my current hobby/job/drug etc) and I found a cool infographic about the history of the bra. It doesn't cover everything, but it's interesting nonetheless. Thought I'd share it with you!

I specifically found the information regarding how the 'bikini' got its name interesting.

Jan 08, 2015

New Year's Resolutions

How do you feel about New Year's Resolutions?
I'm kinda torn between the 'They are pointless' and the 'At least they show you're trying' camps.

I'm 34, I've made 'Resolutions' faithfully every year for the last 15 years. Never kept a single one. In fact, I only know one person that has ever kept a 'New Year's Resolution'. (My brother swore off carbonated drinks for one year starting January 1st and succeeded for the next 365 days).

Maybe I'm just completely out of the New Year's Resolution Success Story circle. Is there like a facebook page or a website where people go to brag about completed New Year's Goals?

I'm not talking about standard 'goals' set throughout the year. Because I know people set goals and achieve them all the time. Heck,even I have set goals and achieved them. I'm talking about bonafide, January 1st, New Year's Resolutions. Do they work?

I guess you could say I'm resolutionally conflicted, but my internal struggle wasn't enough to stop me from making my own resolutions for 2015. I mean, it's tradition right?

I have learned something about myself and New Year's resolutions over the past decade and a half so I guess the process isn't a total waste.
1)keep 'em simple.
2)think outside the box.
and 3)allow yourself ample room to fail.

So, what are my resolutions for 2015?

I have firmly decided that in 2015 I will...
1)Write my Grandparents a letter bimonthly.
2)Wash my 'everyday' bra at least once a month.

I know, I know, that's gross, nasty, etc etc. But it is what it is. (I'm talking about the bra washing, not the letter writing of course)

Jan 06, 2015

The "Full Figure" Label

I got an email from a woman named Erin recently that caused me to stop and think about the definition of "Full Figure" and what exactly is a "Full-Figured Woman"?

To summarize the email, Erin was venting to me the fact that women with large breasts, regardless of the rest of their body size, is labeled as 'Full Figured' by society and bra companies.

For example, Erin wears a size 6-8, but because her bra size is a 36DD she falls into the category of 'full figured' in the clothing industry. And it bothers her because she equates the words 'full figure' with the word 'fat'.

It kind of took me by surprise because I've always considered myself "Full Figured", but never fat. Like Erin I wear a size 7-8 and a 34E bra.

If someone came up to me on the street and said, "QUICK! What's another word for 'full figured'?" I would probably shout, "Curvy!" or "Busty!". The word 'fat' wouldn't have crossed my mind.

However, a quick search of GOOGLE revealed to me that perhaps my own personal definition of "full figured" is wrong and it gave Erin's claim some credence that, in fact, full figure is a euphemism for 'fat'.

For example...

And another example

See what I mean?
So, after wrapping my head around the fact that perhaps the world's definition for 'full figured' truely is 'fat', 'plump', 'ample' I have this to say to Erin and all the other women out there. You are not defined by what the labels say.

In my mind a healthy full figure will always equal curves and I have curves. A full figure is an hourglass and I have an hourglass.

I wear full figured bras because they fit me, just like I wear size 7 jeans because they fit me.

Sometimes I wear a size XL sweater because it fits me. The sweater doesn't make me Extra Large.

Give me a word and I will define it, give me a definition and I will defy it.

Jan 05, 2015

My Brajama Review

I decided to do a brajama review over the holidays. Finding a nightgown with a built-in bra is almost impossible, so when I saw this product I decided to give it a shot

Continue reading "My Brajama Review"

Dec 15, 2014

Experts (and I) Weigh in on Sagging Boobs

Recently I read an article that addressed the facts and myths regarding saggy breasts. I thought I would throw my two cents into the ring.

1)Your breasts droop as you get older.
What the experts say: This is true because your body loses collagen and elastin.
What I say:I agree based on my own personal experience. Basically, as you age everything from your eyebrows down to your knees start to point south. Why would you think your breasts would be any different.

2.Wearing a bra can prevent breasts from sagging.
What the experts say: This statement is a myth. Bras give shape and support, but do nothing to prevent sagging. And some studies show that bras might even promotesagging by weakening the body's connective tissues.
What I say: I think the 'experts' are dead wrong calling this a myth, especially when it comes to women with large breasts. Large breasts are heavy and they can pull and stretch your skin and connective ligaments. A bra helps support your breast tissue so it's not hanging and floppin around.

3. The right exercises can keep your breasts perky.
What the experts say:This is false. Breasts are made up of fat, not muscle so there's nothing for exercise to really do except make breast smaller due to fat loss. However, exercise can help tone the chest wall muscles resulting in a better foundation for the breasts.
What I say:I agree with the experts on this one. And make sure that you wear a supportive sports bra especially during high impact exercises or you could be causing extra damage to your breast tissue.

4.Breastfeeding can cause sagging
What the experts say:This is false. Breastfeeding doesn't cause sagging. The sagging actually comes from weight gain during pregnancy.
What I say: I definitely don't agree with the experts on this one. I believe that breastfeeding does cause sagging to various degrees. Yes, pregnancy weight gain can lead to droopy breasts once the extra weight is lost. However, breastfeeding increases the volume of the breasts due to milk production. They are bigger, and fuller. Once milk production ceases, the breasts seemingly'deflate'.

5. Smoking and suntanning affect how your breasts look.
What the experts say: This is true. Besides causing a host of other health problems, smoking can hasten the break down of skin collagen.

What I say:Yep, smoking is bad and excesses tanning damages skin and your breasts. There's no argument on this one.

Well, there you have it. A whole lot of people telling you things about your boobs that you probably already knew. But hopefully, the comics made you smile.

Dec 03, 2014

Let's talk about wood for a second

We talk about boobs on here 24/7. So I thought for a minute we could talk wood.

You know, the kind of wood you burn in your fireplace. What kind of wood were you thinking of? ;)

Today I did a fun project and wanted to share it with you (because I'm sure you came here to read about DYI projects, right guys?)

Anyways, we have a fireplace in our livingroom. Totally functional, works great. I could build a raging bon fire in there if I wanted to and it would be awesome. However, I don't want to. I don't want the mess, the heat, and the added stress of making sure my house doesn't burn down.

So, for years my fireplace sat empty. Which is sad because I LOVE the comfort that comes from a glowing fireplace on a cold winter night.

Then I found some flickering lights on Amazon. And I started brainstorming...

I ordered a strand. They're pretty cool and only cost 15 dollars.

And then today I made logs! Now my fireplace looks like this!

Here's the details of how I made the logs. (Sorry I don't have any photos of the process)

What You'll Need:
~Brown craft paper (it looks like wrapping paper)
~Wood Stain (I used Red Oak, because that's what we had in the basement, I'm guessing any brown color will do)
~Some rolled up towels (this will be the 'inside' of the log)
~foam brush

1) Cut off a length of paper big enough to wrap around the 'towel log' with extra to cover the ends.
2) Crinkle the paper up with your hands - this will give your log texture.
3) Kind of smooth the paper back flat and then apply wood stain with your foam brush. Don't get a ton of stain on your brush. Just enough to drag lines across the paper.
4) While waiting for the stain to dry wrap a layer of plain craft paper around your towel logs. This will protect them from any oily residue that bleeds through the paper.
5) Then wrap your logs and secure the ends!

WahLaaaaa! A totally fake fire!

It looks even cooler in real life because the lights flicker and dance. Seriously, this was a fun, cheap, super fast project that's totally worth doing.

Dec 02, 2014

Ugly Christmas Sweaters and my Brajama

Well Thanksgiving has come and gone! And it was wonderful! Until all the adults in the family got the flu within 48 hours. Then it sucked. :(

But everyone's recovered and now I'm sitting in my living room surrounded by boxes and boxes of Christmas decorations. Ugh. Ready or not here we go!

Couple things:

1)My 'Brajama' came in the mail last Wednesday! But this week has been so crazy that I didn't get around to even opening the package until this morning. I've tried it on and I'm super excited to do a review for you. It might not happen until Friday because my husband has that day off and he can help with the photography. He says that if I'm going to be posting photos online of me in my bra and nightgown then he at least gets to take the pictures. So there's that to look forward to.

2)Are you into the whole ugly Christmas Sweater craze? Me, not so much. I see them all over pinterest. There's lots of funny ones out there.

Maybe if you're really brave you can wear one of these.

Nov 20, 2014

Nightgown Dilemma

I'm having the darndest time finding nightgowns with bust support. For reals ladies, it's slim pickins'.

I wrote a nightgown with bust support page about a year ago, and found some decent nightgowns, but they've all been discontinued. Not sure why. I can't possibly be the only big busted gal that would like a nightgown with some support.

And I'm not talking about lingerie. I'm talking specifically nightgowns. There's a big difference. You don't wear lingerie around the house infront of your kids or extended family Christmas eve.

I need a nightgown people. A soft, comfortable, modest nightgown AND I want some sort of soft cup bra that supports my bust. Is that too much to ask? Apparently so.

I searched everywhere online yesterday. I found a couple possibilities, but they were A) Expensive and B)Either to low cut, to short, or to sheer.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a prude who thinks women should shroud themselves in fabric for bed. But I do think that that when you're walking around your house (or someone else's house) you should be covered enough that it's not embarrassing.

I managed to find one item that peaked my interest.

You ever heard of the "Brajama"? Yeah, me neither. Until yesterday. I found it on the QVC.

It looks like this....

And supposedly it has some sort of wire free bra. I wish it would have had some pictures of the bra. I want to see if it's adjustable (supposedly it is according to a review) And I wanted to see how big it is. And I wanted to see someone wearing it that was bigger in the chest than the size B model.

Since I couldn't find out anything definitive from the description, I decided the next best thing would be to order it.

So I did.

I ordered it.

I plan on putting the Brajama through the ol' bigbustsupport wringer. I promise lots of pictures. Lots of analysis. Lots of opinions. Kind of like when I reviewed the Prima Donna Bra and the BreastNest.

The bad news is that my Brajama won't be here until Dec. 2nd. So I must exercise my patience. (Which is pretty much the only exercise I'm doing throughout the holidays.)

Check out the Brajama on

Nov 19, 2014

Quote From Dolly Parton

Dolly is awesome.

She's at the top of my list of ladies I would love to have lunch with. She always seems so cheerful, genuine, confident, and funny. Great lady.

Nov 17, 2014

A Boober Tuber

Imagine, coming across this spud out in the middle of your potato farm. You'd probably get a pretty good chuckle out of it.

That's the exact response Kevin Stokes had when he found the breast shaped potato while sorting through his pile of potatoes.

The farm reports that they've never seen anything like it in the 30 years of growing potatoes and are trying to keep the potato from spoiling by keeping it a dark, cool drawer.

Good idea, you don't want your boober tuber to get all wrinkly, and soft. ;)

Read the article at the Leicester Mercury

Nov 13, 2014

Going under the knife?


I'm sure some of you have seen the recent news coverage of Kerisha Marks. She's a woman who recently underwent a breast reduction.

She was a 36 NNN before going under the knife. She looked like this....

I'm not sure if your reaction was the same as mine, but I'll admit I grimaced and said, "whoa baby!".

Maybe you wouldn't expect a reaction like that from the woman who created BigBustSUPPORT, a site dedicated to helping women love their self and their shape, but I believe my response was an honest response.

I didn't grimace at her picture in disgust or amusement or pity, like others might.

I looked at Kerisha's before shot and I was immediately filled with compassion, empathy, and admiration.

What a strong woman she must be to carry around breasts that big for so long. And I'm not talking physical strength (Although there is definitely some physical strength that comes from carrying around 15 pounds of extra breast tissue ;)

I'm talking about the strength of character, and strength of mind that one must have to face the knowledge that you are being constantly oogled, pointed at, and judged by strangers, and associates.

We can all relate on some level to what Kerisha faced.

When most people looked at Kerisha they didn't see the kind smile, or happy eyes. They saw only one thing. Her breasts.

There are many people out there who believe no woman should ever go under the knife to change their appearance. They should just accept themselves as they naturally are.

I am not one of those people.

Yes, I'm all about people loving themselves and self acceptance is a fantastic thing, but as someone who has desired and considered a breast reduction since my teenage years I can not pass judgement upon anyone who has decided to go under the knife.

I don't care if your breast size is 36NNN or 40G or 34DDD, the choice to have a breast reduction is a personal one and support should be given regardless.

Kerisha reports that now after the surgery she feels 'normal' for the first time in her life.

And I'm truly happy for her.

It's okay to want to feel 'normal' and if it takes a surgery to get there, then I think a woman should have surgery.

I could be wrong, but I don't think that Kerisha will ever sit down to reminisce about the past and say, "Getting that breast reduction was a mistake."

In most cases, women who have breast reductions never ever regret it and that's saying something.

You look great Kerisha! I wish you a long and healthy life!

Read Kerisha's story on

Nov 12, 2014

Motherhood and Your Breasts: What to Expect

FYI: You’re about to enter motherhood and your breasts will never be the same, like everything else in your life! Your breasts will grow & this brings new challenges. Don't worry I've got some tips!

Continue reading "Motherhood and Your Breasts: What to Expect"

Nov 11, 2014

The Big Bust Junk Drawer!

The big bust junk drawer is the place where I put all the 'extra' stuff on Funny pictures, celebrity stuff, jokes, weird boob products. It's really just a whole mix of stuff.

Continue reading "The Big Bust Junk Drawer!"

Nov 11, 2014

My collection of bras for large breasts!

When it comes to bras for large breasts, just one won't do! We need a whole arsenal. Underwire, strapless, everyday, sports bra, even a sleep bra. We have to be prepared for any big bust occasion!

Continue reading "My collection of bras for large breasts!"

Nov 10, 2014

When Would You Ever Wear This?

Yep, we've got boobs. Do we really need a sign hanging around our neck advertising the fact?

Nothing says classy like wearing a little black dress with a pearl underwire bra necklace.

Obviously someone didn't read my 'How to Choose the Right Necklace' page.


On a completely different note. I'm working on redesigning my site.

The changes won't be huge, but I'm starting to replace a lot of my links with image thumbnails. (You can see my work-in-progress on my homepage) I'm hopeful that this will entice you to check out more of my extremely interesting pages. ;)

Nov 07, 2014

If You Could Change One Thing About Your Body....

Kids are awesome.

Nov 06, 2014

Is Cleavage Uncomfortable?

I'm sure you've all seen this infamous photo...

Yep. It's an iconic photograph.

We've probably all wondered if Sophia Loren was really thinking what it looked like she was thinking...

Well, thanks to a recent phone interview between Entertainment Weekly and Sophia Loren, we now know the truth.

But first a little background about the picture.

Sophia Loren was burning up movie screens all across Europe and her popularity was growing in America.

She was a bombshell in every since of the word.

So, when Sophia finally paid a visit to our fair shores, Hollywood welcomed her with a huge party.

Everybody who was anybody was there. Including Jayne Mansfield.

Jayne Mansfield was also an actress and loved to be the center of attention. (As you can clearly see in the photo.)

Sophia reports that Jayne was the last to arrive and made quite the entrance in her low cut dress. Jayne knew everyone was watching as she headed right for Sophia's table.

The next part must be retold in Sophia's own words. It's classic.

"She came right for my table. She knew everyone was watching. She sat down.

And now, where are my eyes?

I’m staring at her nipples because I am afraid they are about to come onto my plate.

In my face you can see the fear. I’m so frightened that everything in her dress is going to blow—BOOM!—and spill all over the table."

~Sophia Loren

How awesome is that description?! Doesn't it just describe the look on Sophia's face perfectly?

Sophia WAS looking at Jayne's breasts on purpose. It wasn't just a passing glance either. Sophia was staring.

It would have been hard NOT to stare. Apparently Sophia stared at Jayne's breasts more than once. As is evident by this lesser known photo....

So, this leads me to my question for the day. Does cleavage make people uncomfortable?

Here's my opinion. Take it for what it's worth.

I think that when women show excessive cleavage it IS uncomfortable for people.

I'm not talking about the occasional flash of cleavage when a woman bends over, or a peek of cleavage showing over the top of a dress. I'm talking about the "Oh my heck! Her boobs are falling out of her shirt" cleavage.

I don't care if it's Jayne Mansfield's cleavage or the old woman at Walmart.

It's not appropriate and it makes me uncomfortable. Save it for the bedroom.

New Survey!

Having a big bust is hard because...
They make me self conscious
Finding a shirt is impossible
Running, Duhh!
Sore Back and Shoulders
All of the Above

Our Boobs are Growing!

Lingerie manufacturer Frederick's of Hollywood reports that in 1996, the average size of bras they sold was 34B.

Currently, the average is a 36C.

And I'd bet my best bra that nowadays the average bra size is closer to a D cup

Big Breasts Are Global ;)

Similar data about the increase in average breast size comes from England, where busts grew from 36B to 36C in a 3 year period.

According to The Penguin Atlas of Human Sexual Behavior, breasts across Asia grew from 34A to 34C between 1980 and 2000.