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The Big Bust Blog is an important part of Big Bust Support. This site is constantly growing and changing. (a lot like our bosoms in those early adolescent years) This blog will

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* this is a place for me to get things off my chest. ;) I'll vent, think aloud, laugh, and share my feelings.

Oct 25, 2014

Feelin' crappy

I wish it was always as easy as digging a chip out of my cleavage.

For the past 10 days I've had some kind of wicked chest cold invented by the devil himself. :( Not fun people.

Hope you have a great weekend. I'm going to spend Saturday focusing on keeping my lungs on the inside of my body.

Oct 24, 2014

One Week til' Halloween!

I hope you've all had the chance to check out my Prima Donna Bra Review It's definitely one of the most popular pages on BBS!

We've got 7 days til' Halloween! Do you have your costume yet? Do you dress up?

I don't.

Yeah, I know. I'm a party pooper, but by the time I get my kids ready I don't have the energy to dress up as anyone else.

Here's another funny costume idea for you Halloweeny diehards out there.

T-shirts and 2 beach balls and you're ready to go!

Oct 23, 2014

A "Love Your Boobs" Video!

Happy Hump Day!

In honor of our 'lovely lady humps', I have an awesome short video for you!

Here's what Courtney, the creator of this video, has to say... (I'm going to underline my favorite parts!;)

"I find that most women have a hate relationship with their breasts whether their small, large, lopsided, saggy, or too wide, and that makes me sad. I hope to inspire women with this video that to completely love ourselves, we need to love and accept our boobs.

They don't define us but they are definitely a part of us. I feel that a large part of this dysfunctional relationship we as women have with our breasts and with our bodies are directly stemmed from what the media portrays to be what is perfect and the ideal of beauty.

I hope to inspire women that we aren't defined by our breast size how we are defined by something greater."

~Courtney from

How do you feel about your breasts? Do you hate them? Do you see them as an annoyance?

This video gave me a chance to reflect on my own womanly figure.

I'll be perfectly honest. I've hated how big my breasts are for a majority of my life, but it was extra hard during two distinct stages....

The 1st was during high school. I was definitely the 'biggest' girl in school. I felt like such a freak. It was especially terrible during school dances.

All of my 'formal' dresses were home-made because I had such a hard time finding dresses that fit and were modest.

Confession: I actually turned down a date because the boy asked me 3 days before the dance and I knew I wouldn't have anything to wear. Of course I didn't tell him that. I can't remember what excuse I made up, but the truth was I hated my body. That's pretty sad. And it was a heavy load to deal with for a teenage girl.

The 2nd stage was when I was pregnant/breastfeeding. Good Golly Miss Molly my breasts were huge during this time! Seriously. NOT FUN!!!

I really related to the woman in the video that talked about how large her breasts got during breastfeeding.

Okay, enough of my personal pity party. I liked the quote, "[Our breasts] don't define us, but they are definitely a part of us."

It would be silly to try to completely separate ourselves from our breasts because, um... hello!, they are a very distinct part of us!

Celebrate today by giving your boobs one honest compliment!

If you can't think of one you can borrow one below...

"Thanks boobs, for always holding my cell phone!"

"Thanks boobs, for making my waist look teeny!"

"Thanks boobs, for feeding my babies!"

"Thanks boobs, for being the exact size my husband loves!"

Oct 22, 2014

My Review of a Hundred Dollar Bra!

I finally finished it!

This is just one of the many graphics I include in my bra review!

I worked all day, took tons of pictures, and analyzed every part of the Prima Donna Bra! Check it out!

Continue reading "My Review of a Hundred Dollar Bra!"

Oct 21, 2014

T-Shirt Tuesday!

Still spending some time with the Fam.

Probably one of my most favorite thing in the world to do. Family time consists of eating all my favorite foods, laughing, sleeping in, lounging around and working on projects. If I had to describe Heaven I'd list all those requirements. So, pretty much it's been heaven on earth for the last 4 days (minus everyone trying to talk us into having another baby - NOT going to happen folks!)

Anyways, I found a couple of funny t-shirts I thought you'd like!

I can't find the site that actually sells these, but if I do, I'll let you know. Or you might be able to make your own!

I think we all know a guy this t-shirt would be perfect for......

And now a funny shirt for the ladies!....

Hope to be done with my bra review tomorrow! Check back soon!

Oct 20, 2014


Guess what the mailman delivered?

I'll give you a hint....

Yep, the super expensive PrimaDonna Bra that I ordered back on the 13th came on Friday!

I'm spending some time with Family the next couple days, but I've already taken lots of pictures and hope to have this bra all analyzed for you by Thursday.

Spoiler Alert!: I've already taken off the tags and worn this baby for 48 hours - I will not be returning this! Can't wait to tell you why!.....

Oct 18, 2014

A New Breast Size Chart!

Hands down the most popular page on BigBustSupport is my breast size chart page. Which is kind of funny because I made it as a joke about 5 years ago.

Interesting Fact:

More men visit than women!

I'm pretty sure most of my men visitors come for the breast size chart. ;)

My website has come a long way in 5 years and I have learned a TON along the way.

So today I decided to update my breast size chart because it has been FOREVER since I made the last one.

Let me show you my old breast size chart and then I'll show you my new one.

Breast Chart Before....

and now the new and improved Breast Size Chart!....

Isn't it cute?! Go to my Breast Size Chart Page to share it with your friends!

Either pin it, tweet it, or facebook it!

Continue reading "A New Breast Size Chart!"

Oct 17, 2014

Dearest Wife....

No, my husband didn't write this cute card. (I found it on Reddit. Proof, I don't find EVERYTHING on Pinterest! ;)

But, my husband very well could have!

I am so blessed to be married to a man who absolutely loves my body. To be more specific, he loves my imperfect- over-analyzed-3-pregnancy-starting-to sag-and-expand body. And the best part is my husband tells me all the time how much he loves it.

Don't get the wrong idea! I know there's way more to love than physical attraction. There's personality, intellect, demeanor, and compatibility. However, appreciating and loving someone's body is an important part of a strong relationship.

Guys! Tell your wife/girlfriend/fiancee how much you love her body! Tell her everyday! Leave notes, whisper it to her in bed, send a text. Go ahead, I'll wait.....;)

Now Ladies, here's some advice for you! When your guy compliments your body BELIEVE WHAT HE SAYS!

Don't dismiss him as an idiot when he says your body is hot! Yes, Yes, I know you're 15+ pounds overweight, you have stretch marks, and you probably haven't shaved your legs in two weeks, but he honestly doesn't care! If you dismiss his compliments to many times, he's going to quit telling you! He loves your body! And you should too!

Okay, there's my little soapbox for the day! Love Yourselves!


Oct 16, 2014

Creative Halloween Costume for the Guys!

Halloween is only 3 weeks from tomorrow. Still plenty of time to restock the candy bowl you've emptied 3 times already.

I don't know if your house is anything like mine, but it seems like there are at least 5 costume parties to get ready for before Halloween night ever comes around. Trying to think of costumes for everyone in your family can be exhausting, (and Expensive!)

Here's a costume idea for the men in your life that's easy, cheap, and pretty funny...(I'll explain later why it will work better for men)

Here's What You'll Need
  • A large bra (most of us have plenty of those in our drawer ;)
  • Some bottled Spices
  • And, WahLaaa......
A Spice Rack!

I Love it!

Instant costume in 5 minutes!

Can you see why this costume will work better on a man? (or a 'smaller chested' woman?)

Yep, our large bosoms will leave very little room for the spices! You're going to need a much larger bra than your normal size to hold 'the girls' AND all the spices.

Technically, it would be possible for a woman to be a "Spice Rack" for Halloween, but I think we'd end up looking more like a "Spice Cabinet" by the time we packed shakers of cinnamon, salt, minced onions, and Italian seasoning in our already ample bosoms. ;)

Now you just have to talk your guy into wearing a bra in front of his buddies.

The 'spice rack' could actually be quite handy during BBQ season....hmmmmm....Does anyone know the number to the Home Shopping Network? I think I just had a brilliant idea! The BraBQ! ;)

Oct 15, 2014

It's one of those days

Some days it seems like the world is upside down and the last couple days it has felt like that to me.

And yet I sit down to surf the internet for a funny bra joke, or a crazy breast product just like I do every afternoon.

Sometimes I wonder, "What's the point?"

Who cares about Boob Washers.....

Yes, it's a real thing

or Giant Statues wearing bras....

Also a real thing.

...when the stock market is crashing, the middle east is on fire, and Ebola is in America?

It's easy to become a Debbie Downer and feel depressed.

I guess I update this blog because it feels good to laugh and it feels good to do normal things even when my 'normal' things might seem petty compared to the big picture.

So, thank you for visiting and reading my site and Thank You for coming back and reading some more!

Do you have your Halloween costume yet? No? Well, check back tomorrow because I've got a super simple, funny idea for you! And of course it has to do with a bra ;)

Oh, and I got an email confirming that my new bra has shipped so I'll be reviewing it shortly! See, life goes on!

Oct 14, 2014

Here's An Idea....

You know I like to find interesting, brilliant, funny and sometimes ridiculous breast related products to talk about on my blog.

Last week I talked about Boob Glue. Today, I've got another product to tell you about!

Let me set the stage for you.....

Let's pretend that you and your honey are taking a nice, romantic stroll on the beach....

Suddenly all the people on the beach start gagging, and coughing! There's something in the air making everyone sick! Is it a chemical? Is it a virus?

What are we going to do?!

Never Fear! The Emergency Bra is Here!

Yes, The Emergency Bra might look like a gag gift, or a product from SNL, but it is a real life product currently being sold by a company in Chicago.

I saw the Emergency Bra on Pinterest. (Of Course! ;) And it peaked my interest so I did a little research. The Emergency Bra was invented by Dr. Elena Bodnar.

I found it interesting that Dr. Bodnar is a medical doctor originally from the Ukraine. She helped evacuate and treat children from Chernobyl Disaster. {A terrible nuclear disaster in 1986}. It was this experience that helped inspire her to invent the Emergency Bra. That kind of background adds clout to the viability of such a bra.

Something tells me that Dr. Bodnar is serious about her work. She's seen firsthand how a seemly simple piece of equipment can be lifesaving.

The Emergency Bra acts just like a regular bra except it can be easily removed and transformed into 2 face masks. One for you and one for your best buddy. (Unless you're the 3 breasted woman and then you can save yourself and 2 of your best buddies ;)

The bra straps fasten the mask onto your face so your hands are free to sprint away from danger or dig through debris if needed. Or, if you're like me, your hands would be free to shake frantically infront of your face as you stand frozen in fear... peeing your pants. (I'm not great in high pressure situations- We can't all be super heroes, right? ;)

The Emergency Bra claims to decrease the chance of inhaling harmful airbourn particulates and there is a RAD Emergency Bra that can detect radiation. That's pretty cool.

It is still unclear whether the Emergency Bra is effective when it comes to entering the bathroom after an extended occupation by your significant other. ;)

So there you have it. The Emergency Bra. Perfect for Christmas!

If you want to read more you can go to the Emergency Bra Website. (Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated in any way with Emergency Bra and I have no idea if the Emergency Bra actually works or not. ;)

Oct 13, 2014

The Bra I Just Ordered

I'm trying my darnest make this site bigger and better, just like our breasts - lol!

I figured if I'm going to do this I've got to 'put my money where my mouth is'.

My plan is to order a new item once a month (maybe twice) to review, pick apart, photograph, and hopefully fall in love with it. If not, then I'll dump it.

I promise to share the good, the bad, and the ugly with you. Hopefully, it will help you when it comes time for bra shopping.

This month, I decided to start off with a bang (and by 'bang' I mean blowing a giant wad of cash).

I recommend quite a few bras on my site, a few I own, most I don't. I recommend these bras based on structure, function, reviews from other big-busted sisters, and price.

The most expensive bra I recommend on is the Prima Donna Madison Full Cup Bra, I talk about it on my Super Bra page. I recommended this bra based solely on the reviews and the fact that it's won an Undie Award. I definitely don't recommend this bra based on price.

Now, hopefully by next week sometime, I'll be able to recommend it (or NOT recommend it) based on personal experience.

This bra is going to squeeze $117.00-124.00 out of your bank account! I debated for a solid hour before I even dared list it on my webpage. $124.00 for a bra?!! Schwoo Doggy! That's more than 25% of my food budget for the month!

I seriously felt guilty and irresponsible the second I pushed the 'buy now' button. I only managed to talk myself into ordering it by promising myself that I will return it immediately if it's not absolutely perfect.

Besides, how can I feel good about recommending something this expensive to all my readers if it isn't worth the price?

Do you want to see what a hundred dollar bra looks like?.....

Pretty, isn't it?

Let me tell you, the bar is set pretty high for this bra and it better measure up or I'm sending it back.

FYI: I ordered a white, 34F, which is a 34(D3) according to Herroom's Universal Bra Size.

Should be here in 5-10 days. I'm nervous! And I eat when I get nervous.... I wonder, how many pounds of Sixlets I could buy for $124.00? Probably more than 2 cups full. ;)

Oct 11, 2014

The Perfect Bra?

Depends on who you ask! ;)

I got a chuckle out of this. Have a great weekend everybody!

Oct 10, 2014

You've Shown the World Your Boobies... Now Show Your Doctor

Oct 09, 2014

Boob Glue?


(Notice the lack of a question mark, that's because my 'Huh.' is more of stunned acceptance rather than one of puzzlement)

There's a lot of weird crap out there. And it's kind of sad that nothing seems to surprise me anymore especially when it comes to breasts.

Boob Glue did perk the ol' eyebrows however.

Yep, I checked. It's a real thing, although I'm not sure of what it does exactly.

I can't think of anything I'd like to glue to my boobs. I've already got cookie crumbs and Fruit Loops mysteriously stuck in my cleavage on a semi-permanent basis.

According to the website, Bosom Couture, Boob Glue works a whole host of miracles, in fact we should probably just start calling it St. Boob Glue due to it's miraculous properties. ;)

Apparently, you remove one of your 'girls' from your bra, rub this glue all over it (except the nipple) and then quickly position your breast where you want it. You have to work fast because evidently the glue sets quickly. (And you wouldn't want your breast glued in an unnatural position, like to the bottom of your chin for example)

Despite all my kidding, Boob Glue appears to be a legitimate product and it actually gets good reviews. (If they are, in fact, real reviews.)

Ladies seem to like it for strapless bras, bikini tops, swim suits, and bras that never seem to fit quite right.

Here are some before and after shots...

And my all-time favorite "Boob Glue Before and After"...

Okay, I'm joking about the last one. I made that. Boob Glue isn't THAT amazing! But it did give me a great idea....Boob Glue + Bowls of Candy =

Halloween is going to be fun this year!

P.S.~If you liked my post, please tweet or facebook it! You can use the little button thingys on the top of this page. Also, don't forget to 'subscribe', I try to post something daily!

Love You Guys!

Oct 08, 2014

Job Security

I'm not saying I agree with the whole, "Come stare at some cleavage while you eat wings" mentality that defines Hooters, but it's nice to know that working at Hooters is always an option.

You know, like if all the other jobs in the country suddenly disappeared, and it wasn't Christmas time so Walmart and Target weren't hiring and I absolutely needed a job so I wouldn't starve to death.

It's nice to know that there's a business that is always looking for girls with our particular set of skills, namely curves.

Oct 07, 2014

Egg on My Face

Here's One Idea...Or You could just wear a sports bra. ;)
Some of you might remember the webpage I wrote last month called, "Sports Bras for Men."

I'll admit, it was a topic that I knew nothing about. I did about 15 minutes of research, found a funny picture of a gorilla covering his nipples, and hastily wrote the page.

I was pretty proud of my work.... for about a week. Until I got an email from a reader, Tom, who pointed out I knew nothing about men who needed sports bras and pretty much my webpage was full of crap.

And he was right. Ouch!

I never considered the fact that there are many men who wear real sports bras because they have Gynecomastia.

These men wear bras NOT because they're weird or have some fetish with underwear, they wear them because they need to. Just like us.

For most of these men, compression shirts or chest binders like I talk about on my page don't work. Just like a compression shirt or a chest binder wouldn't work for us busty girls.

So, I rewrote the page (after doing a lot more research) and included information specifically for men who are looking to buy sports bras, in addition to my information on compression shirts or binders. (because I know there are men out there who will want to try these things first before purchasing a bra)

I want to thank Tom and Bob for helping me re-write my Sports Bras for Men page by patiently answering all my questions, offering insight, and mostly for opening my eyes and my heart to the issue of Gynecomastia. Your 'support' has been amazing!

If you get a minute, you should check out the new and improved sports bra for men webpage. I think it's worth the read (thanks to Tom and Bob). I promise it will open your eyes. If nothing else, the picture of the gorilla is pretty darn cute. ;)

Oct 06, 2014


Apparently these cookies were all over facebook last year.

Well, I'm late to the 'Mammo-Graham' party because I'm not on Facebook. (Yeah, I'm like 1 of 1500 who aren't Facebookers, and the other 1499 are Amish.)

I'm not on Facebook because....

Between this website, laundry, cooking, cleaning, and pinterest ;) I don't have time to keep track of what everyone else in the world is doing. So if you've seen these cookies before please forgive.

I thought they were funny! And you know how I love a good 'play on words'.

Here's the recipe if you want to make your own Mammograhams...

Mammo-Graham Marzipan Recipe

from: Lessons Learned From the Flock

No cooking, very easy assembly recipe.

  • Chocolate Graham crackers split in two
  • A roll of Marzipan (in baking section of grocery store)
  • White frosting
  • Pink frosting gel
  • The middle is marzipan. I used one roll cut into 13 pieces and then warmed in the microwave for about 10 seconds. Roll each section into a ball, and then squish while molding it until you have a flat section for between the graham crackers and a bulging section that sticks out. “Glue” the marzipan to the graham crackers with some frosting and then use Pink Frosting gel for the nipple.

Whether you decide to make MammoGrahams or not, please take the time to schedule your own Mammogram.

Every woman 50 years and older should have a mammogram. If you're high risk (for example: if it runs in your family) you should get a mammogram beginning at age 40 or earlier. Talk to your doctor.

I haven't had a mammogram yet, mostly because I'm not the big 4-0 yet, but I do self breast examinations regularly.

Please take care of your boobies!

Oct 04, 2014

Maxine tells it like it is....

Have a Great Weekend!

Oct 03, 2014

Body Issues

I just read a fantastic article! Please ladies (and gentlemen), take time to read it.

It's titled, How Shopping with a Plus-Sized Model Helped Me Face My Own Body Issues by Lauren Tuck.

I'm not going to summarize the article, (because you're going to read it!) I'm just going share a few of my favorite quotes and some pictures (which are amazing and taken by Atisha Paulson)

I can't tell you how refreshing it is to see women of all sizes being represented in the media.

Denise Bidot (the model in the story) is a woman with confidence and there is something sexy about that. When you look at her you see honesty. There's no self doubt or judgement, just a 'take it or leave it' attitude. True beauty.

photo: Atisha Paulson

“I love fashion and if there is anything that I have learned through being in this business, it's that not everyone can pull off every style."

photo: Atisha Paulson

“I love that I've learned what works best for my body and I get to blend high-end pieces with everyday affordable.”

photo: Atisha Paulson

Read the entire article! How Shopping with a Plus-Sized Model Helped Me Face My Own Body Issues

New Survey!

Having a big bust is hard because...
They make me self conscious
Finding a shirt is impossible
Running, Duhh!
Sore Back and Shoulders
All of the Above

Our Boobs are Growing!

Lingerie manufacturer Frederick's of Hollywood reports that in 1996, the average size of bras they sold was 34B.

Currently, the average is a 36C.

And I'd bet my best bra that nowadays the average bra size is closer to a D cup

Big Breasts Are Global ;)

Similar data about the increase in average breast size comes from England, where busts grew from 36B to 36C in a 3 year period.

According to The Penguin Atlas of Human Sexual Behavior, breasts across Asia grew from 34A to 34C between 1980 and 2000.