New Years Resolution: Find the best
sports bra ever and then wear it!

Cartoon lady running on treadmill

Raise your hand if you're looking for the best sports bra for a big bust! That's a dumb question because you're reading this so obviously you are.

And if you're like me, you've tried to workout in the past and keep running into the same problem.

How do we exercise AND keep our bouncing breasts from hitting the emergency stop button on the treadmill? LOL!

I guess if your breasts hit the emergency button, that's probably their way of screaming, "Help! We're going to tear away from your body and bounce off the walls until we break a window!" (and you thought 'tooting' while doing squats was embarrassing. Pretty sure having people dodge your flying boobs would be 100 times worse :)

FYI, Awhile ago I wrote a detailed page regarding the best sports bras for large breasts. I did a lot of research and have some good tips there. Plus, the sports bras I recommended there are still awesome for big busts, like the Enell Sports Bra and the Shock Absorber .

However, since it's been awhile since I wrote that page I felt like it was time for an update, so here I am to tell you about the best sports bras I've found since then. 

Some of the Best Sports Bras for a Big Bust!

These are all bras that I have either owned personally or researched as being great for big busted athletes.

If you click on their links it will take you to (who is an affiliate of mine). I love Herroom! They are an amazing online store and they have tons of the best sports bras.

Wacoal Sports Bra

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this Wacoal Sports Bra I wear it in a size 34DD (yes, I've gone down a couple sizes since I wrote my other big bust sports bra page. Woot!!)

So why do I love this bra? First is the support. When I workout, I workout HARD! I do sprints, jump squats, jumping lunges, box jumps, etc. That's a whole lot of jumping and this sports bra keeps my chin unbruised and my dignity intact. It's definitely on my list of best sports bras.

Time for some action!

I love these bounce tests from It allows you to get an idea of how a sports bra will perform while exercising. You'll notice that this bra allows for a little more motion while exercising as compared to some of the others, but I really like the shape of my breasts while wearing this bra. And it still does a pretty good job of minimizing bounce. Click here to learn more about the Wacoal bra from

Freya 4392 Active Underwire Sport Bra

This is a fantastic sports bra is an Undie Award winner on and costs about 60 dollars. It is available in sizes up to H cup! You can learn alot about this bra from reading the 251 reviews.

Check it out by clicking here

Bounce Test Time!

Freya 4002 Underwire Sport Bra

This bra is also 60.00. One woman, size 32H, said "Great "debouncer" bra! Love it for working out and not knocking myself out!"

Click Here to find out more about this bra.

Bounce Test

I really tried to study this bra and compare it to the one above (the Freya 4392) to see if I could tell the difference between the two. And I honestly can't, besides the obvious colors. ;) but they both seem to work really well.

Lunaire Coolmax Underwire Sports Bra

The Lunaire Sports bra is considerably cheaper @ 34 dollars and is also an Undie Award winner.

This is what one of the 340 reviewers said, "The best fitting bra I have ever worn. Support with comfort. This is not just a sports bra, this bra makes me look great under all my outfits for day or evening. So glad I found this bra. It is very hard to find a bra with a true large full cup is a 34 size. This is made for the thin woman with large bust. GREAT BRA!!"

Interested in this bra? Click here to learn more.

Do you see how this bra (the Lunaire 11111) comes up higher on the breasts resulting in less cleavage being seen? YAY Modesty! This results in notably less bounce in the top of the cup. Go ahead and compare the Lunaire bounce test with one of the Freya. It's something to consider when purchasing. Both are good sports bras, just wanted to point out differences.

Goddess 5056 Sports Bra
(Soft Cup)

This is a rated a medium impact bra and is also a soft cup bra so there are no underwires. I've had sports bras with both and prefer wires, however both styles offer great support.The ladies who own this bra seem to really LOVE it!

I like the look of this bra. It looks comfortable and soft. And even though it's only rated as a medium impact I still think it does a great job at holding everything in place. Check it out!

My Story

I have started working out hard recently, which is good for a couple reasons.

1) Working out makes me feel good (and my husband agrees ;)


2)Exercising makes my boobs smaller!

I'm not saying this automatically happens to all women, but considering that boobs are made up of mostly fat it makes sense that if you lose fat you'll lose boobs.

Correction: You'll lose boob size. Your boobs will still be there unless you do some crazy yoga move which causes your body to swallow your breast implant.(gasp!)

Which recently happened to a lady.(Shut up!! - No I won't shut up! It's true!)

You can read the ABC news story here. - No joke, my eyes were at least a size B cup while I was reading this, so check it out real quick and then come back and find your best sports bra ever.... I'll wait)

Is that not the weirdest story ever? One minute you're doing yoga and the next you're like, "hmmmmm, I swear I came in here with two breasts....Now I seem to have just one. Have you seen my other boob?" I don't have implants, but just to be on the safe side I'm never going to exhale with my mouth shut and my nose pinched ever again. Seriously people, is that even possible to do? Because I just tried it and it didn't feel healthy.