My Ahh Bra Review

Ahh Bra Review

I saw the Ahh Bra on sale a couple weeks ago for 12 bucks, so I added it to my order. I was thinking, 'What the heck, for 12 bucks it can't hurt'. 

And it definitely didn't hurt.

In fact, this bra is the opposite of 'hurt' and it indeed lived up to its name.

I might not have actually said, "Ahhhhh" when putting it on, but I gave a heavy sigh which is pretty much the same thing.

It felt awesome! (Especially since I tried it on right after wearing this super uncomfortable, too small bra.)

This Ahh Bra Review is going to be relatively short compared to my other bra reviews, simply because the Ahh Bra is a simple bra. There's not much to it. 

I knew that it would be both simple and comfortable when I ordered it.

What I was really interested in was if this bra would work for those of us with larger breasts.

What's the support like? (if any) Would the Ahh bra work as a sleep bra? And, would it mentally ruin all my other bras because I wouldn't want to wear anything else? 

The short answers are... yes, not awesome, yes, and kind of. Keep reading my ahh bra review and I'll explain.

image of me wearing the ahh bra front shot


First thing you should know about the Ahh Bra is that the material is stretchable, comfortable, breathable, and see-throughable. (Yes I made that last one up)

But seriously, if you're wanting to wear this bra around your house without wearing a shirt, you might find yourself showing off more than your cute new bra.

I did some blurring in my picture (maybe not good enough, now that I look at it), but you can definitely see nips when wearing this bra sans photoshopping. 

A possible solution is to double up your Ahh Bra and wear 2 at the same time like this model did....

doubling up the ahh bra

Yeah, doubling them up is a good idea and it looks cute with the two different colors. 

Is the Ahh Bra Good for Busty People? 

front and back shot of me wearing the ahh bra

Yes. It is.

I think most everyone will like this bra. Busty or not.

And Yes, I think even men with breasts (like I talk about on my Sports Bras for Men page) would like this bra.

It doesn't have any embellishments like lace or rosettes. There are no hooks, wires, or strap adjustments. It would be discreet under a shirt.

Just and minimizing will be minimal in this bra. It feels like wearing nothing without all the swinging, and chafing that comes from wearing nothing.

 It comes in like 30 different colors. I'm wearing the Ocean Wave color and it's great.

I ordered it in a 'L'. I'm a 34F. I'm guessing that a 'M' would have also fit me and maybe would have been more supportive, but I'm happy with the 'L'. The Ahh Bra comes in sizes XS-3X. Pretty sure there's a size to fit just about everyone.

So, How's the Support in the Ahh Bra...

Ummm, if I had to rate the support in the Ahh Bra on a scale from 1 to 10, with 1 being free swingin' and 10 being a duct tape bra, I would put it at maybe a 2.75.  

There just isn't a lot of support going on here. Be warned, riding a horse while wearing this bra is going to rip the boobs off your body. However,  wearing this bra while lounging around on your butt is going to feel awesome.

Would the Ahh Bra be a good Sleep Bra?

Absolutely. 100%. Without a question.

It's not itchy, it's not tight on the chest. It's hardly noticeable. The material is thin so you wouldn't need to worry about it being overly warm. I've slept in this bra with zero issues.

Last Question...Does it make me hate all other bras because none of them are as comfortable as this one?

Not quite. Don't get me wrong. This bra is uber comfortable and it's great. But I wouldn't want to wear it 24/7 365. Why? because 1) There's no support and 2) It doesn't really make my figure look that great. 

But if you're looking for a great leisure bra, you should definitely give the Ahh Bra a try.

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the many colors of the ahh bra

Thanks for reading my ahh bra review!